Saturday, September 11, 2010

How time flies and drags at the same time.

Dear Blog,

I guess I am in a sort of a funk. Most of it has to do with the fact I NEED to lose some weight and right now I have no motivation at all. My motivation should be the fact I am now pre diabetic, I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol is close to 300 that combined with the fact I do have a heart condition should be blaring sirens at me should be enough to make me do something.

Its hard, I am lazy, I need to give this one over to the Lord and ask him for help after all Luke 11:9 says ask and you shall receive. Well I am asking. Besides that I need to learn some self control too. I have already done away with coke. I guess my next hurdle would be to drink more water to feel full longer. Then I need to give up my candy, I love my candy but I don't need it. Then the mindless snacking that I do when I am bored. Now for the truth I need to get up off my lazy bumper and go for a walk or something besides wasting time on the computer. I need to find something fun for me and the little ones to do. I am thinking there is a great small park close to the house I think would be great to go to not just for the kids but for me.

God Bless