Monday, March 21, 2011

I heard the Devil in the house of the Lord.

I do not like scary. I don't "do" devil movies period.  Don't allow none of that in my house.  At church this weekend the Devil came to disrupt and cause confusion during service today.  A lady spoke in tongues (normal for our church) another Godly woman started to give interpataion and the devil started to disrupt and speak over the second lady.  She was saying all the right things, praise God, there is power in the Holy Ghost but she was trying to disturb the true message from being heard.

I heard HISSING, and THUMPING and the Pastor told her she was out of Order and to be quiet in the Lords name.  She got quiet and then started up again. They (woman,devil) were asked to leave.  I was praying my heart of for the Lords protection of me.  I knew what was going on, and I was not going to look to see what was going on.  The Lord's message was delivered and heard by ALL those who's hearts needed to receive it I know I needed to forgive some people in my life and ask for forgiveness for my sin.  The Lord had hold of my heart and I am so very grateful he did.  God is good!

I did ask some questions from some very Godly women whom I love and trust and they said we would see more of this stuff happening more often as we feel as the time of the Lord's return is getting closer and I know that to be true.  You look and see what all is going on in the world and you can see Nation rising against nation. Earthquakes, pestilence's, the Birth pains have begun and I want my heart and my families heart to be ready when that time comes.  I want them all to be with my in the house of the Lord.  So I am praying for all my unsaved extended family that their hearts be softened and for God to work on them and thru them.

My god is good.