Monday, June 1, 2009

Such a long time ago

Alright I know its been a long time but I this pregnancy really took it out of me. I am proud to say Sailor Elizabeth Estelle was born on Grandpa Ralph's birthday and our 9th wedding anniverssairy. I even spent Mothers day in the hospital due to the c-section. She weighed in at 7.4 and was 18 1/2 inches, she did lose a pound due to lung issues which had her in special nursery for 2 days, she has now gained it back and she loves to nurse.

I was lucky and had my own room or I really should say God Blessed me with my own room and I am very thankful for that. We were given a knit blanket that was knit by one of the nurses as a mothers day gift, I also received a bag full of hair and body goodies too. The kids and my sister came and I got the usual cards. I did remeber to give my sister a card since she was here helping me with the kids and was not with her girls this year.

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