Sunday, February 8, 2009

She's leaving on a jet plane.

I am finally getting to use my free round trip plane ticket. Well my sister is. I gave up my seat on an very over booked flight in Texas. I didn't mind the weather was super nasty. The ticket runs out next month, I told them I was pregnant and couldnt fly so they said I could transfer it to anyone I wanted.

I am so excited on many levels. I get my older sister to come and visit, we get to go to the movies and out to eat and just catch up. The best part is I know she will take Josiah to the bus stop and pick him up and I get to be even more lazy then I am now!!!

I am blessed that my sister has been here for the births of my last 2 children which is a huge since I have c-sections (4) I will have my 5th the end of April early May and she will be here so dear hubby and stay with me in the hospital and play defence for me.

If I am lucky I may even be able to get hubby to take some leave while my sister is here so we can go out and do more. I will just have to wait and see.

Well dinner is ready, southern breaded chicken breast, garlic roasted baby taters. I am thinking the kids have been good so its the all time Evil Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie ice cream....

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