Sunday, July 25, 2010

The LONG cross country drive.

Dear Blog,
Oh I was so reminded just HOW MUCH I HATE cross country road trips! We did the right thing by having the 3 older kids fly in with my sister this coming Friday. Now on the other hand. Sailor starts to cry the minute we get close to the van, ok maybe not so much but when her tiny hiney hits the car seat she gets mad. I can't say that I blame her at all. I don't want to ride for awhile. The trip was nice. We were blessed to be in all Holiday inn express's so they were clean and safe.

We are getting our house delivered on tuesday. I am so excited to be able to call a house a home again. I did buy some really cute wall clings to decorate Savannah's room really cute. I think we are going to buy her a big girl bed very soon too. Now to see if she will give up her toddlar bed. These rooms are just so small there is really no room for anything in them so it will be an adjustment. We are putting more in storage this time as like I said this home is smaller then the last one. Hoping for clean lines and some open areas for the kids to play.

God Bless

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  1. Enjoy your new house and getting all settled in.

    It'll feel like home before you know it!