Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frittered the day away.

Dear Blog,
Today I had the best intentions of getting things done. I only got the top of the fridge cleared. LOL the kids asked me where everything went, gosh its not like I have a ton of things up there.

I did my mini ride and did just over 2 miles. I did break down and go and buy some of my peppermints. I feel better haveing a mint or 2 after meals.

I was playing with the baby tonight, she made my heart melt when she was belly laughing. That is such music to my ears. I am losing hearing bit by bit but I havent lost that so far and for that I am so very thankful for that.

I am really not trying to wait till the last minute for downsizing for the move like I have one for every other move. Mark has finally agreed to lose all the ugly chairs and junk in the garage. Thank you Jesus I will finally have a real garage for the first time in many years. Even when we had a storage unit we still had a massive amount of boxes in the garage. Well this will not happen in the new home.

God Bless

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