Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My heart is broken today.

Dear Blog,
Today my heart was broken when I woke up, turned on the computer to check on Chrissie from All Are Precious In His Sight. She passed away this morning after a LONG valient fight after having major heart surgery. I know for a fact Chrissie has received her total healing in Christ, I know, she has looked into the eyes of Jesus as she sat on his lap.

When I first started to follow her journey, I learned she was adopted from Siberia. God MOVED mountains, paperwork, and people and her adoptions was expidited at an amazing speed. Thru Chrissie and her mommy's blog my walk with Christ has become strong. My prayer life has exploded. I think part of God's plan was for this dear sweet child was to bring more into his flock, and from what I have read I KNOW she has.

So this is not only a time for mourning but for a time for joy in the knowledge that Chrissie is not in pain, she dancing and playing, laughing and not short of breath, she can play all she wants now!!!! Praise God!
God Bless

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