Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been so LONG

Dear Blog,
Oh how I have neglected you! I am so sorry but I am ready to be friends again. Now is the time. The time to really go on a diet and lose some weight. I have NEVER been this heavy even being PG with the last 4 children. I am starting (again) the 6 weeks to a better body diet. I just made all my chicken/turkey I need for my protiens bagged them with my carb (a small tater). Then I will just add my veggie or salad to the approiate meals and get this party started.
Starting weight 212. mesurements I wont even go there, its hard enough to see my weight in type. The "D" starts offfically tomorrow, as for tonight I am making fried taco's.

We will be leaving in 2 months or FL. We have a nice house we will be renting, the schools are close by. My sister will fly the 3 older kids at the end of July and we will just have the baby across country, then she is staying for a bit to help me get settled in. I am so ready for the move for the change, for a real home church as we haven't found a church we liked since our pastor left the church.
God Bless

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