Monday, May 17, 2010

Its NOT that EASY

Dear Blog,
I started the diet today. I so ate on the plan. I did what I was to do. How in the world did I gain a stinkin pound??? Well I know I put spices on my chicken and turkey when I roasted them, a little bit. I am thinking its the sodium. I always have a issue with "Salt". That and my body is so not used to drinking the massive amounts of fluids I have been (prepping for FL) I am on a water pill for my BP so maybe I dont need to over load on the H20.
I rode 2 miles this morning and 2 tonight on the bike. I think I may go for 2 1/2 tomorrow twice also and see what happens besides my legs feeling heavy and aching a bit.
I have done real well with not bringing soda in the house for the last week. I ate my last beloved peppermint yesterday I am not drinking I dont smoke so whats left?? I would say sleep but Mark is gone for a few weeks so thats out...

God Bless

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