Friday, May 28, 2010


Dear Blog,
Hubby is coming home FINALLY! Yes I know he has to be away according to the needs of the Navy. Yes I know many are gone so much longer. So really this 2 weeks was a drop in the hat compared to what other families go thru. We have been thru many long deployments so its not a new thing.

With a teething baby who LOVES to scream all the time, a 3 year old who has told me Georgia is closed so daddy has to come home now. We all need daddy to come home. I really miss him.

Getting ready for this move is taking its toll. I promised myself that when we move we are NOT taking JUNK nope not this time. I have been cleaning out closets and donating clothes and shoes. I have been going thru drawers and TOSSING out TONS of just junk. I really wonder if I have some hording tendencies. The garage is going to be so much better and such a burden off of my mind. I am not sure what it will be like to really be able to use a garage. I did tell Mark we will still have to rent a small storage unit. I dont want NO BOXES in the garage unless they are up in the rafters.

God Bless

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