Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cracking the WHIP!

Dear Blog,
I think my kids may not like me very much. I know for a fact they don't care for me much right now. I am cracking the whip! Things need to be done here at the house to get ready for the move. Things I can't do right now since I hurt my back. I want to be ready this time, I don't want to be cought like I usually am with stuff not somewhat organized.

Sailor is sick, took her to the doctor since she has a pretty high fever 101.3. She dosent have an ear infection, which I was hoping it was since we could just give her some med's and be done with it. If she still has a fever tomorrow I will take her back to see what really going on. She is not herself, she is being more lovey, not to say she is not lovey but usually she is so busy she just gives us drive by's for a hug or a snuggle and then will be off again to play.

The kids are in VBS and LOVING it. Savannah woke up saying she wanted to go back to bible school today, that makes my heart smile!! We had such a hard time getting her stay in sunday school with out meltdowns. HA we have made PROGRESS!!!
God Bbless

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