Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a long week.

Dear Blog,
Its been a long week. Sailor has continued with her fever all week. The doctor has no clue whats going on with her. She has been twice to the doctor this week. We have to do a urine test. If she continues to have a fever the doctor will do some blood work on her. Sailor is not too cranky but she is more clingly then she normaly is and she's not playing as much. She does have a normal appitite which is good. If she stops eating I will get scared as she LOVES to eat.

Mark is going to Scotland tomorrow he say's he is not looking forward to it. I am calling him on it as he loves to go there and enjoy the food. Thats all he talks about when he calls me. I am trying to only talk to him maybe once or twice this time as last time we racked up a $200.00 bill.

I have so much to do while he is gone this time. Its the only time I can toss out everything I want to and not have him pick it out of the trash and him not ask are you throwing this away??? The move is now RUSHING up on me and its starting to get a bit scarey. The ride alone is freaking me out, I do not like long drives. I am going to ask my doctor for something to help with those long days to make them easier.

Savannah is so funny she is always talking about Florida now. She told daddy he didnt have to work anymore because he made enough money already to go to FL..sweet baby loves her daddy.

God Bless

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