Monday, June 28, 2010

Gratitude Journal

I am Grateful I finally ordered a cursive and manuscript templates for the kids to practice their penmanship, it was shipped free but I opted for overnight which was just a little more then regular shipping so it gets here tomorrow.

I am Grateful Sailor's fever is gone and she is doing well again.

I am Grateful I had a friend call early this morning asking how Sailor was, Amy is a busy gal and she took the time to call and ask how baby girl was. I feel cared about.

I am Grateful I have the energy and motivation this morning to do some de cluttering since the move is rushing up on me.

I am Grateful that God is such a forgiving God and that he still loves me, even when I have been ugly. I am ever so Grateful my kids are just as forgiving as the Lord and they forgive me for being cranky and mean.


  1. Way to look at things! I'll have to tell you about my plan for a new attitude!

  2. I look forward to it Lisa, I am always looking for tips to improve attitide(s)