Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gratitude Journal

Dear Blog,
I saw this on a blog site I love Titus 2. Its a good christian site for women. Anyways. I saw a Gratitude Journal and thought to myself what a great idea. A neat way to list the things you are grateful for and a reminder to be thankful. Within the next few days I am going to make it a priority to blog my gratitude journal daily along with the normal things I blog about.

Mark is all safe and sound in Scotland, he was tired, got stuck in a middle seat for 10 hours and didn't sleep much, so he is catching up on some much needed rest tonight. Not that his meetings are all that brain stretching or anything. He does in fact met up with the Chief that we will be renting our next home from and picking up the house keys so we have a set.

I was so tired today, I think the muscle relaxers just caught up with me so I took a little nap today right after I got up. The NASCAR races bored me, since Mark was not here to banter with, that and he beat me in points 2 weeks in a roll. I think I need to put in more effort into my picks.

I am planning on taking the kids out for shakes or ice cream tomorrow. They have been good. I am getting them out on their bikes tomorrow to just get them out. Some sun wont hurt them LOL.

God Bless

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